Unlock Your Expectations

Lately, I’ve come to notice something that hit me the other day when the kids and I were walking up towards my front door to the house. For days, while getting my things out of the car, I watched the kids get out of the car and run to the door. Now before this moment spoke to me I’d noticed something but never said anything. But, that night as I watched them run to the door and expect for the door to be open when they got there; knowing that we pulled up to the house together, they still expected the door to open – knowing nobody was home but us. They still expected it to be open and as soon as my nephew turned the knob to the door and the other three pushed on the door. I heard a voice tell me…”Your Expectations Are They Keys To Opening The Doors I Have For You To Walk Through.” LIKE A→ “CHILD” Believes and Expects It To Happen Or Come To Pass…So Should You.

I almost dropped everything in my hands right then and there. Because…well, I didn’t expect God to drop something like that in my spirit. Notice that, a CHILD’S EXPECTATIONS ARE RELENTLESS. Uncompromising with a sense of urgency. That this is goin to happen no matter what!

Actions of a child: They ask a question. Ok?!…Not This Time?!…They’ll be back in 5 minutes. But since they can’t really tell time all that good they’ll be back in the next 30 seconds! And they will sit and wait and repeat the question like they never asked it before. For every “No” we give them they give us the same question over and over again until they get what they want. And if they don’t get it then, in the back of their little minds they expect to receive what they have been asking and waiting for later.

I probably don’t know you and well, you might not know me, but let me encourage you to keep your EXPECTATIONS HIGH OVER WHAT IT IS YOUR PRAYING FOR OR WAITING ON GOD TO DO. We can learn a lot from children if we just watch and listen. #ImpactOvaSuccess #ImpactLiving #FaithWalk #ConsistentlyConfident