“When You Don’t Have What You Want.. You Have What You Need.”

As we get ready to go into the Christmas break and enjoy Christmas with our love ones. I want to take time to tell the men I had the pleasure of talking to at Metro Ministries last Friday thank you. Thank you for your time, your testimonies, and your spirit as a group. One man told me about his walk with Jesus and how his life has turned around since he has became a beliver in Christ.

One thing that I’m glad he told me that I needed to be reminded of was,”I might not have much but, I have my sense of peace and everything that I need.” I agree 100%. I said it before myself but until you witness someone other than yourself go through something and still have their peace, you just can’t do nothing but appreciate all the things that God has done in your life.

Thank God for placing people in my life to inspire, motivate, and humble me everyday. So this Christmas don’t take the little things for granted. Don’t take the God given time for granted. Make sure you make this holiday, this Christmas, one to remember. God Bless & Be Blessed…Peace.