Life of an Ant

“6.Go to the ant, you sluggard!
Consider her ways and be wise,
7.Which, having no captain,
Overseer or ruler,
8.Provides her supplies in the summer,
And gathers her food in the harvest.”
Proverbs 6:6-8

There are some things that we can learn from an ant, specially looking at it from a spiritual perspective. One thing we can learn from this purpose driven insect is that each ant corporates within the colony. They corporate by operating through their given purpose. Some ants are born for carring out different tasks. Some ants search for food, others stay to assist the queen and her eggs(the next generation), while others protect the colony. All are working together through different functions.

One of the most important thing I took from observing an ant was that “An Ant Leans Towards Its Season.” Each ant does something significant to work towards the upcoming season. When that season comes it has positioned itself to operate productively within its purpose for the advancement of the colony. I feel that spiritually Christians should take that and apply it. Can you imagine? To learn how to lean towards the season God has us in to operate productively within our purpose for the advancement for the Kingdom of God. Be wise like an ant. 🤔🤓#LeanTowardsYourSeason #TrustGod #MoveInYourPurpose#AdvancementForTheKingdomGod