Who We Are

Encouragement Block was launched on August 1, 2013 although the vision of Encouragement Block dates back to 2011. Two visions came together to unite as one.

In 2011, while fasting, Maurice Colvin III crossed paths with a man named Country, a man looking for work, food, hope. Maurice extended an invitation of prayer and words of encouragement through his faith. He bought Country a meal from a local fast-food restaurant; yet, that did not seem to be enough. He wanted to offer more than a meal to help Country. That night the impact of what Country’s needs were really hit Maurice and the name, Encouragement Block was seeded. The vision continued with a building with words of encouragement on the walls.

Shortly after, while on his way home from Family & Friends Day at Corpus Christi Christian Fellowship, Maurice came across a couple, Robert and Brenda, on the corner of a freeway exit and he bought them a family pack of food. At the end of that encounter Maurice offered a word of encouragement and a prayer. On a second encounter with the couple, Maurice had a second opportunity to give them nourishment for their body and for their spirit with food and prayer. Through Maurice’s 30 day fasting period he had several encounters with the couple and was able to share his faith and introduce them to Jesus. Maurice purchased two Five Star Notebooks and wrote several prayers, steps of faith and action, and encouraging words to help the couple learn about Jesus and even accept Him in their life.  After reading the pages and pages written for them, Robert and Brenda accepted Christ in their life.

It’s more than just helping homeless individuals, but helping people,  people without, without a job, without food, without shelter, without hope. If those individuals had a place where they are able to be heard and seen in a different light, one without judgment, then they will gain a sense of hope because someone can relate to them.

In 2011, Deshawna Colvin was invited to take part in a local event to educate youth girls from 5-18 years old to make healthy life decisions. Through her involvement with the planning committee her life was touched in a way that she could not turn back. Even with a successful event, it was not enough in her eyes. Deshawna wanted to help more, in any way possible. On Fridays, after getting off work at 3pm she would drive across town to interact with the youth, whether it was through a game of basketball, drawing, or just talking. The youth started to open up and Deshawna was able to offer words of advice and encouragement to help them understand that they too can overcome the circumstances of growing up in low-income areas and do something great in life.

Although she had a day job working 40 hours a week, Deshawna stayed actively involved in the events at the recreation center offering not only her time but words of encouragement.  After a whole year of working with the kids she realized that her passion in life was to be a youth advocate, to be the voice for the voiceless, for those underrepresented, overshadowed youth that just drift into darkness without a guide to help pull them out.

Deshawna was also heavily involved in professional organizations and working with local businesses. Through her involvement with local organizations she realized that the needs of the community were not being met as those individuals in need of education, career advice, and an opportunity were being overlooked and stereotyped. Everyone has a potential in life and some individuals might not have the educational resources, the family teachings, or visible role models, but it does not mean that those individuals should be overlooked. Deshawna made a decision to empower individuals to feel confident as they apply for jobs and find their direction in life.

Two visions became one when Maurice L. Colvin III and Deshawna Colvin sat down and shared their life story and their goals for the future. A company built on faith, selflessness, and encouragement is born and ready to change lives.