Deshawna Colvin


Deshawna Colvin is an entrepreneur, organization development professional, motivational speaker, and community developer. She is married to Maurice L. Colvin, III and they have four children.

Deshawna earned an Associate’s degree in Psychology in 2009 from Axia College. She graduated from the University of Phoenix in 2011 with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Currently received her Masters in Management through the University of Phoenix in 2015.

Deshawna Colvin has worked in various positions from data entry, dispatcher, training coordinator, financial analyst, to administrative assistant. In 2012, she found her niche at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi as a Program Manager for SOAR, a Title-V federally funded grant, working with first generation, low income, minority STEM undergraduates. She served as a career development specialist, developed and executed workshops and seminars, oversaw the youth program, and managed all community outreach through events, website, or other marketing efforts.  Currently, she oversees the Summer Prep Academy, a Title-V federally funded summer bridge for incoming freshmen who did not pass the Texas Success Initiative Assessment (TSIA).

According to statistics for daughters of single teenage mothers, Deshawna should not be the person she is today. She has a fire burning within her, driving her to empower herself through faith and knowledge to reach her optimum potential. Her drive has led her to acquire determination, independence, initiative, and an urge to be proactive in her daily life. Through group settings or intimate conversations, she hopes to reach into the lives of those around her regardless of their age, socioeconomic class, or culture; and to shine a little light on what could be the next best decision or opportunity in their life. Her goal is to continue providing opportunities for personal, educational, and professional development to others.