Maurice L. Colvin III

maurice pic 2

Maurice L. Colvin III, a Corpus Christi native, has over 17 years experience in MIME and Praise dancing. Maurice oversaw the dance ministry at Friendship Baptist Church for 11 years before joining Corpus Christi Christian Fellowship in 2010 where his passion for dance grew deeper. Through ministry Maurice had a chance to learn and grow in dance and worship.

In addition to overseeing the dance ministry at Friendship Baptist Church, in 2000 Maurice was blessed with the start of his own music ministry, Sufficient Praise. Sufficient Praise, made up of four individuals with a passion for worship, hosted workshops and were invited guest and instructors at other churches. Over the years, Maurice has built his network to include churches throughout South Texas, San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, and central California.

Maurice has always loved teaching youth and adults about dance. The moments of witnessing an individual step outside their comfort zone, try something that seemed difficult, build their confidence, and enjoy themselves is an impact Maurice hopes to continue through Encouragement Block.

Through dance his purpose and mission has always been to bring the best out of each individual, to work and use what God has given them.