Mission Encouragement Block is dedicated to the personal empowerment of youth and adults by encouraging them to unlock their potential through activities focused on education, career, and personal development. Goals

  • To support and encourage empowerment in youth, especially youth in at-risk neighborhoods
  • To provide informational education based activities to increase public awareness on education, career, and personal development
  • To develop and discover ways to connect more families with tools that will inspire them to develop into engaged global citizens

Motto/Slogan Equip. Empower. Encourage

Meeting the Need

According to the Texas Academic Excellence Indicator System for 2013, 2.8% of 9th-12th grade students in Corpus Christi dropped out. Looking at the numbers closely, 4.2% were African American, 3.2% were Hispanic and 2.7% were two or more races (Texas Education Agency, 2015).

Additionally, students being college ready is a critical factor for the youth in the Coastal Bend community. Alarmingly, the Academic Excellence Indicator shows that of the 2013 graduates only 50% of students in Corpus Christi are college ready (in English Language Arts and Mathematics). What is even more disheartening is only 42% of African Americans and 45% of Hispanics are college ready. Based on data available, of the 2011-2012 graduates, only 55.2% from Corpus Christi are enrolled in a Texas Institute of Higher Education (Texas Education Agency, 2015).

Education is simply one hurdle the youth in Corpus Christi are overcoming. The Texas Education Agency report for 2013-2014 indicates that 62.8% of the youth in the community are economically disadvantaged. These youth are not afforded opportunities to participate in extracurricular camps and activities that strive to develop an awareness and foundation of personal value and academic potential.


Texas Education Agency. (2015). 2012-2013 Academic Excellence Indicator. Retrieved from http://ritter.tea.state.tx.us/perfreport/tapr/2014/static/region/r02.pdf