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Truth & Expectation

This week I’m conducting employee evaluations and before I begin going over the evaluation the first thing I do is explain that I am a hard evaluator because I have expectations. There is a standard on which I am evaluating the person. For work the expectation aligns with the 4 areas: communication, documentation, professionalism and skills. If the person does their job without being prompted and they do it well, they met my expectation. There was nothing above and beyond what I already expected from “my people” because I already have a high standard of what I expect.

Again, that is all explained prior to going over the evaluation so when they see the 3 for “met expectation” they know they did what was expected of them. Throughout their months of employment they were reminded of the expectations and the purpose behind why they were hired.

They turn in a self-evaluation as well. In the past, I’ve had an employee state that they did complete their documentation or they did meet with their mentees. I’m not denying that there is truth in that, but there is also the expectation.

God’s Word is Truth. So if there is a disagreement of what is right or wrong, turn to God’s Word. Even when turning to the Word there can be a difference of opinion on what the Word says. It’s about the expectation and standard. Do we read God’s Word holding it to our expectation of what He is asking or do we look at what His expectation of our walk looks like?

What is the standard? How do we know what the “true” Truth is? The right expectation to have of what our actions should be?

JESUS SET THE STANDARD. He set the bar for what we should model.

If God were going to evaluate you based on The Word, and it doesn’t have to be the entire Bible, pick from Life’s Instruction Manual. . . Faith? Prayer life? Tithe? Using Your Gifts? Treat Others as You Want to Be Treated? Love?

Before God evaluates you, do a self-eval….are you meeting the expectations or are you just trying to convince yourself you can check a box “done”?


‘Tis the Season

1 Peter 5:10
And after you have suffered for a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to His eternal glory in Christ, will Himself restore you, secure you, strengthen you, and establish you.

We all experience “seasons” in life. Some seasons are more challenging than others but we ALL experience seasons. But we must remember that God has us in that place and there is nothing, absolutely NOTHING, that happens to us that He is not aware of. He has already given us the tools needed to make it through, we just have to believe in ourselves enough to walk through it. While we are walking through it, he will give us strength, wisdom, and security in the season.

1 Peter 4:10
Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.

While in the season, we must look at the gifts God has given us. Some gifts are more apparent than others because it comes easy, when we use the gifts we feel “in the zone”. Other gifts must be developed, learned through intentional action and an understanding in that season it will require being uncomfortable in order to grow according to God’s Will.

The problem with being in a season is that you cannot look around and compare where others are in their lives or what they’re doing to what you’re doing. What is meant for you, is meant for you.

Time to step it up and fulfill the potential God has so deeply invested in you when He created you. Be the best that you can be in the season that you are in.


Be Spirit Minded

For a long time I kept thinking that if only I did this or that…worked harder….got a better education….made more money….was no longer a single parent…..life would be easier.

But it got to a point that I was spinning my wheels and felt exhausted, run down, and drained. In that moment I knew there was nothing else I could do…so I had to turn it all over to God. Allow Him to work in my life. Show obedience in my actions to His Word. It wasn’t just motions I walked through (church, women’s meetings) but a total lifestyle change (thoughts, prayer, music, attitude, circle of influence). And the funny thing about that was that I stopped trying to build myself up in the community because it was taking time from my kids. I turned my focus on my kids and being a better Mother to them…and I felt better….happier. There was a joy there that hadn’t been there before. I didn’t have to work hard to be good enough…I was worth it already I just needed to know that. But I was caught up in the flesh and what people say and the standards of people.

By building my relationship with God….I was able to rebuild who I was…..through His eyes. Saw someone in front of me that had been there for years…just never really saw him until I had a heart for God. And now we are married and building a family…adding to the Kingdom.

It’s not always easy or fun….but it’s worth it because the peace I have is worth the obedience to His Word. If God believes I’m worth it…that is all that matters. #bespiritminded