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When Was The Last Time You Pressed Your Big Red Button?!


I remember there use to be a commercial for Office Depot back in the day and everytime someone was in need of a quick fix for supplies some how they would always end up in Office Depot. There would always be a calm employee there to help out the panicking customer and the employee would ask what did the customer need help with. Soon as the customer was finished telling them what they needed the employee would never go running through the store like a chicken with their head cut off panicking just like the customer was. The employees always had a big red button that would fix, or supply everything that the customer was in need of. The funny thing about this now that I think about it! The supplies would sometime fall right out the sky sort a speak and fall on the customers depending in how light the supplies were.

Isn’t it funny that majority of our lives we are in search of this easy to fix it red button to apply to all our situations, or even circumstances when we experience something that is out of our control. We walk through life sometimes full of pride right until the minutes we have to deal with a part of life that we can’t easily fix by pressing a big red button. Ask yourself this question. With all that you have experienced and gone through in your life, if you had this big red fix it button wouldn’t you had pressed it?! For some people they probably would had to start giving a limit on how many times you could press it within a day. But are you glad that you made it? Are you glad that you made it through those tough times?

Understand we may not have a big red fix it all button to press whenever we are going through something. However, we are able to pray over our problems, situations, or even circumstances. Whether if your praying by yourself, with family, church family, friends, or those of the same faith over the problems you experience in life. I believe God will give the direction, guidance, and wisdom needed to handle that problem. You see, your prayer life is the action that presses the big red button, God is the part of the big red button that says Easy and when your prayers are answered that is the supplies that fall right out of the sky. He is the solution to every problem we experience. God is who will fix it because there is nothing to hard for him to handle and He will provide what is needed.

In the bible in Genesis 18:14  the Lord asked this one question to Sarah, “14. Is anything too hard for the Lord?”. In Jeremiah 32:27 a word came to Jeremiah from the Lord and the Lord asked again the same question, “27. Behold, I am the Lord came the God of all flesh; is anything too difficult for Me?” The answer to that, there is nothing too hard for God. In Philippians 4:19 The Apostle Paul said this, “19. But my God shall supply all your need(s) according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” This is a confirmation that God will provide.

So the next time you’re experiencing a situation that is making you feel like one of the customers from the Office Depot commercial, remember to press your own big red fix it all solutions button and watch closely on how God will fix that situation for you. God Bless & Be Blessed…Peace.

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Hold My Mule/For Your Glory

Hello Encouragement Block Family!!! This is Maurice Colvin III of Encouragement Block ministering at the 2015 Women’s Life Summer Conference that was held at his home church Corpus Christi Christian Fellowship. We pray and hope that this worship experience blesses your life, ministers dearly to your heart and speaks to you. If you was blessed by this video … please Like it, Share with others, Comment, and Follow Encouragement Block. You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and our website We sincerely appreciate the support.

Music: “Speak Lord” by Kurt Karr/ “Hold My Mule” by Shirley Caesar/”Good Anyhow Intro” by Byron Cage/ “For Your Glory” by Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr. presents Embracing the Next Dimension/ “There Is Something About That Name” by William McDowell We do not own any copyrights to the music being played in this worship video.

Our goal is to minister through gospel music and to spread the good news of the gospel.