Category Archive: Youth

When Was The Last Time You Pressed Your Big Red Button?!


I remember there use to be a commercial for Office Depot back in the day and everytime someone was in need of a quick fix for supplies some how they would always end… Continue reading

White Out Doesn’t Work


Have you ever used whiteout? There are different types of white out but they all seem to serve the same purpose: cover up a mistake. The liquid whiteout has a soft spongy tip… Continue reading

Transitioning Into College


Making any transition in life can be difficult. Sometimes we have someone to talk to who has been down that path and that helps, but other times we are walking down a path… Continue reading

Building a Strong Bond


Motherhood is one of those life experiences that is scary, wonderful, stressful, and fulfilling. Some might question how it can be all of that in one and for every Mother her response will… Continue reading

Re-Evaluating the Definition of “Smart”


Education is powerful and up until a certain point, in the United States, it is free.  Or is it? There are parents that cannot afford to send their children to a specialized school… Continue reading

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