Music Ministry– Ministry is not just a short-term goal, it is not something you take for granite, but you are there to help somebody. Through the music, the song talks to you or speaks to you in a certain way, it touches your mind and heart; so much so that when you dance it will touch and affect others. Through MIME/Praise Dance, individuals make a motion picture to the words of the song.

MIME is not just a show or performance, it’s the invitation for the audience to join the worship taking place by the dancers.

Workshop Topics:

  • “Difference Between MIME & Praise Dance”
  • “Prepare to MIME” (Facial Paint, Attire)
  • “Stereotypes of MIME & Praise Dance”
  • “Doing What You Do” (Bringing your style and energy to Gospel music)
  • “Finding the Right Song”
  • “Dancing With Emotions, Not Just Going Through The Motions”

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