Adult Seminars

  • “Google Yourself” 
  • “Importance of Networking”
  • “Personality & Your Career”
  • “Finding Career Direction”
  • “Millennials in the Workplace: What Employers REALLY Think”
  • “Importance of Leadership and Communication for Women in STEM Careers”
  • Key Steps to Develop a Successful Mentor Program”
  • Attracting New Members to Your Club or Organization

Deshawna also speaks on the following topics:

  • “Body Art in the 21st Century”
  • “Being Transparent with Your Child(ren)”
  • Tackling the Influences in Your Child’s Life: Technology, Media, and Parties
  • “Leadership For Everyone”
  • “Motivated to Do, Not Just to Know”
  • “Overcoming Obstacles and Mapping Your Success Plan”
  • “Circumstances Don’t Define Who I Am”
  • “The Art of Single Parenting”
  • “Living in an ‘iGeneration’”
  • Living My Way: Life Without the Welfare Crutch”
  • Ignite Your Happiness”

To schedule a workshop or find out more information, please contact Deshawna Colvin at 361-444-3912 or