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Hold My Mule/For Your Glory

Hello Encouragement Block Family!!! This is Maurice Colvin III of Encouragement Block ministering at the 2015 Women’s Life Summer Conference that was held at his home church Corpus Christi Christian Fellowship. We pray and hope that this worship experience blesses your life, ministers dearly to your heart and speaks to you. If you was blessed by this video … please Like it, Share with others, Comment, and Follow Encouragement Block. You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and our website We sincerely appreciate the support.

Music: “Speak Lord” by Kurt Karr/ “Hold My Mule” by Shirley Caesar/”Good Anyhow Intro” by Byron Cage/ “For Your Glory” by Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr. presents Embracing the Next Dimension/ “There Is Something About That Name” by William McDowell We do not own any copyrights to the music being played in this worship video.

Our goal is to minister through gospel music and to spread the good news of the gospel.

Empowerment, Faith

Your Sense Of Peace.

When you start to let go and get rid of the clutter that’s in your life. Stop holding on to things and stuff that you simply can not handle and take care of the things that you can handle. You will find a sense of peace over your life. Because you will start to realize that you are letting go and letting God take care of what you couldn’t in the first place.

Hope everybody had a great Monday. If not, hope you had a good Monday. If not good and your reading this, at least your able to Thank God because you made it through this day. #ImpactOvaSuccess #ImpactLiving #FaithWalk  #ConsistenlyConfident

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Regardless of cultural environment, individuals have heard or been exposed to the phrase “I think therefore, I am” or “as a man thinketh, so is he”. Looking at the context of what they mean, it does not matter what you think you will do, you will act out in the manner that aligns with what your mind is filled with.

So I ask? What are you filling your mind with?

Reading is a great tool to fill the mind, yet again, it is important to think about what you are reading. Do you read the Bible, magazines, self-help books, history books, fiction or nonfiction, the newspaper, gossip columns online, or Facebook updates? Yes Facebook updates, some people only ever read their Facebook and that is where their knowledge and information come from.  Did you know Jackie Chan died last week, Facebook told me.

Not all people are readers, some people fill their mind with visual knowledge through television, movies, TEDTalks and YouTube videos. Television is not new; however, the grade of shows that are available have switched to reality shows filled with drama, suspense shows built on the dead, and shows built around conspiracies. Do you record the series, make sure you are home by a certain time, tune out the world and tune into the television, get emotionally involved in the character’s situations?

Auditory people fill their minds with audio books, conversations with people, and music.  Conversations can be enlightening but can also give false information because people are bias and the information discussed reveals that.  Ever play the game telephone, each time something is repeated; it has a new piece added or a different version.

So now your mind is full with knowledge and it is time to make decisions in life, interact with people, react to situations, and live life. With the information you put into your mind, what percentage is based on spiritual wisdom? What percentage is based on formal education? What percentage is based on information from conversations? What percentage is based on information from television, music, Facebook?

If you are sitting there convincing yourself that your live your life based on faith, yet you continue to fill your mind with Facebook information, television, and YouTube; rather than meditating in the Word each day growing deeper in spiritual wisdom, you are fooling yourself. The world has a greater percentage of information in your thoughts, feelings, and actions than the Word.

So again, I am simply asking a question: What are you filling your mind with?