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Love Unfathomable

Have you ever read or heard a scripture and in that moment it just sunk in a way like never before? This morning I read a scripture and man, my mind was beyond blown away that I cannot even fathom the love that God really has for us. It reminds me of when someone has a child pass away and we think to ourselves, “I can’t even imagine what that feels like.”

God loves us so much that he gave, not by force, but just willingness, gave US, sinners, people that are not perfect, that are defiant, that have to be in control, that give in to fleshy things, GAVE US, his ONLY, ONLY, there is none other like Him, his ONLY Son. I have two kids, and there is NO WAY that I see myself just giving my kid’s life up for other people, ungrateful people, people that I know will not cherish the life and the sacrifice. It’s not going to happen. But God did that and when I look around at how we behave as people through these generations, it’s just . . . .WOW!

I’m not saying that I’m perfect, and reading this scripture hits me even harder to realize that I am nowhere near perfect or even a close image of what God is looking for. Even when I scale it down, if someone I didn’t know needed a kidney would I be able to give it to them? I can live with only one kidney, life will be different, but I will live. I still don’t know that I could do that. For someone I love, yes I can see myself doing that, but for someone that I do not know, I am not so willing. If God can sacrifice His Son to turn me from an enemy to a friend, I definitely have some cleaning up in my life to do. There is nothing greater than love, God’s love, not to sacrifice pride, fear, control over what has been done in the past to move on to something more promising for the future.

We must learn to forgive, to set boundaries, but to love each other and live out the promise that was given to us.

 Romans 5:6-11 ERV

6 Christ died for us when we were unable to help ourselves. We were living against God, but at just the right time Christ died for us. 7 Very few people will die to save the life of someone else, even if it is for a good person. Someone might be willing to die for an especially good person. 8 But Christ died for us while we were still sinners, and by this God showed how much he loves us.

9 We have been made right with God by the blood sacrifice of Christ. So through Christ we will surely be saved from God’s anger. 10 I mean that while we were God’s enemies, he made friends with us through his Son’s death. And the fact that we are now God’s friends makes it even more certain that he will save us through his Son’s life. 11 And not only will we be saved, but we also rejoice right now in what God has done for us through our Lord Jesus Christ. It is because of Jesus that we are now God’s friends.