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Temporary Patch Rather than a Lifelong Seal


Regardless of our background no one is exempt from feeling a void, or having multiple voids in their life. A void is an empty space, emptiness, something experienced as a loss or privation, or a vacancy (Dictionary.com).

Some voids are visible and some are hidden, but they do exist. Maybe your void was an absent father, absent mother, weight issues, financial issues, neglect, unloved, unable to have a child, or you grew up poor.

People take on two different positions when it comes to voids: the person with the void or the person trying to fill the void. In some instances, you find people with voids trying fill other people’s voids. We must take a step back and think about the lifelong seal rather than the temporary fix. Temporary fixes can include helping out someone every time they spend their money and need rent money. A temporary fix can be getting in relationships to receive a certain feeling but never really dealing with the underlying issues.

A temporary fix is when we avoid the void by seeking out other avenues to fill it or by being the person to take on the responsibility of patching someone else’s void.  As human beings, our presence in their life will only ever be a temporary patch; they must seek a higher power to have a lifelong seal. Until they turn over their problems to God and allow him to work on their heart, their mind, and their behavior, they will only ever receive patches.

Some temporary patches last for 2 years, 5 years, 10 years, 15 years, even 30 years and yet there is still a seeping leak where the void is still present.

No matter how much others pour into your bucket, you will still be empty. No matter how much you pour into someone’s bucket it will still be empty. It’s exhausting to continue to try to keep your bucket full.

Make a decision today, seek a lifelong seal rather than a temporary patch.