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Truth & Expectation

This week I’m conducting employee evaluations and before I begin going over the evaluation the first thing I do is explain that I am a hard evaluator because I have expectations. There is a standard on which I am evaluating the person. For work the expectation aligns with the 4 areas: communication, documentation, professionalism and skills. If the person does their job without being prompted and they do it well, they met my expectation. There was nothing above and beyond what I already expected from “my people” because I already have a high standard of what I expect.

Again, that is all explained prior to going over the evaluation so when they see the 3 for “met expectation” they know they did what was expected of them. Throughout their months of employment they were reminded of the expectations and the purpose behind why they were hired.

They turn in a self-evaluation as well. In the past, I’ve had an employee state that they did complete their documentation or they did meet with their mentees. I’m not denying that there is truth in that, but there is also the expectation.

God’s Word is Truth. So if there is a disagreement of what is right or wrong, turn to God’s Word. Even when turning to the Word there can be a difference of opinion on what the Word says. It’s about the expectation and standard. Do we read God’s Word holding it to our expectation of what He is asking or do we look at what His expectation of our walk looks like?

What is the standard? How do we know what the “true” Truth is? The right expectation to have of what our actions should be?

JESUS SET THE STANDARD. He set the bar for what we should model.

If God were going to evaluate you based on The Word, and it doesn’t have to be the entire Bible, pick from Life’s Instruction Manual. . . Faith? Prayer life? Tithe? Using Your Gifts? Treat Others as You Want to Be Treated? Love?

Before God evaluates you, do a self-eval….are you meeting the expectations or are you just trying to convince yourself you can check a box “done”?