Empowerment, Faith

Your Sense Of Peace.

When you start to let go and get rid of the clutter that’s in your life. Stop holding on to things and stuff that you simply can not handle and take care of the things that you can handle. You will find a sense of peace over your life. Because you will start to realize that you are letting go and letting God take care of what you couldn’t in the first place.

Hope everybody had a great Monday. If not, hope you had a good Monday. If not good and your reading this, at least your able to Thank God because you made it through this day. #ImpactOvaSuccess #ImpactLiving #FaithWalk  #ConsistenlyConfident

Empowerment, Faith

Attitude Adjustment

I have a co-worker at my job that has been complaining about getting a pay raise that he feels he deserves. He’s a very hard worker and like many of us, he has experienced hard times outside the work place. We do have our talks about God and I do give him encouraging words from time to time when I see him. Well, God must have heard our prayers over his situation because, he got the pay raise that he’s been praying and complaining for. Now that he has the pay raise he is still complaining about the work load that is being placed on him. I remember asking him,”What did you expect would happen? To much is given, much is acquired.” The other day I was at work by myself and God showed me something about attitudes.

Question: What would you do if God gave you a million dollars right now? Now, what if He told you here is that million dollars I said I would give you, but it’s all in pennies. You can not covert the pennies in to cash and you can not deposit it in your bank account and you can not roll them up. Everything that you want and that your heart desires you can buy with this million dollars in pennies. How would you feel?

Blown away by this question, I had to sit and think about how I would answer it. Took me a minute to answer that question, but this is how I responded to the question. Well, God I never had a million dollars before. So, I don’t know how I would react. But if I was complaining and my attitude was horrible before the million dollars and I didn’t appreciate anything. I’m going to complain every time I get ready to make a purchase. No matter how small or large the amount may be. If I wasn’t the type that complained all the time, but appreciate everything without complaining. Sooner or later I’m sure I might start to complain somewhere down the line. Because I still would have to spend my money in pennies.

I learn so much within that short time that day. What I took from that was simple. If you’re complaining before God blesses you. Chances are you still will complain after He blesses you. Remember to adjust your attitude and to ask God to renew your spirit, mind, and heart daily. It is always better to thank the giver for the gift that was given. Be careful to not miss the bigger picture because your focal point is on something so small. Even though it was all in pennies. It still was a million dollars. A million dollars that you didn’t have before.